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 Hero of the Kingdom III
) (2019-3-5)

Hero of the Kingdom III (Strategy Game) 2019-3-5Hero of the Kingdom III screen 1 (Strategy Game) 2019-3-5Hero of the Kingdom III (Strategy Game) 2019-3-5

 Hero of the Kingdom II
(Hidden Object
) (2015-3-17)

Hero of the Kingdom II (Hidden Object Game) 2015-3-17Hero of the Kingdom II screen 1 (Hidden Object Game) 2015-3-17Hero of the Kingdom II (Hidden Object Game) 2015-3-17

 Hero of the Kingdom
(Time Management
) (2012-12-20)

Hero of the Kingdom (Time Management Game) 2012-12-20Hero of the Kingdom screen 1 (Time Management Game) 2012-12-20Hero of the Kingdom (Time Management Game) 2012-12-20

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